Mag250 STB Setup - Oporating Instruction Manual


TV STB Oporating Instructions PDF

How to set-up Mag 250/254 STB

1. Turn on your MAG box. When it loads press the SETUP button on Remote control. Choose Servers, press OK.


5. Highlight "My apps" in the bottom of screen. Click "OK"

2. Choose Portals, press OK.

3. Enter the "iptv.smart-iptv.eu" (without the quotes) as URL of 1 of portals. Highlight the URL field, press the Keyboard button, enter the URL, press INFO. Wait for "Saved" message to appear.

4. In NTP Server enter no.pool.ntp.org and chouse save. Wait for "Saved" message to appear.

5. Setup Video output you may have to experiment with these settings as TV systems are sometimes setup differently.


6. Press Exit, Exit. Choose "Restart Portal" and press OK.

7. When Portal opens you will get message saying "This STB is blocked" Please let us know when you get this message so we can unblock your box. Email: admin@uktvportugal.eu connection will be activated within 30 minuets normally (Subscription Needed)