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How it Works

Connect the IPTV Set Top Box to your ADSL Router and to your TV via the HDMI cable that's it, you're ready to watch your favorite TV!

To receive UK TV channels in your home you DO NOT need a satellite dish, we have technology that works from a digital receiver and is as easy as just plugging it in. The set top box Multimedia HD Player works on low internet speeds however the higher you have the better.

We recommend at least 4Mbits. You will receive up to 280 Live UK TV Channels instantly along with over 800 movies on demand classics and the newest movies plus Box Sets and UK radio channels.

Watch UK TV channels direct to your TV with the Digital Set Top Box you receive a remote control (batteries included) Power Supply and cable for STB and an HDMI cable (HDMI 1 recommended). No set up is just like having a Sky box just Plug and Play.

Catch-up on many programmes up to 7 days, this means that if you miss your favorite UK TV show you can simply go back to when it was on and watch it. No need to set a timer or record as this box will record most channels automatically for you.

If you need 2 connections take our Full Package as second connection is included or we can arrange this at 5 euro's extra per month in addition to your standard subscription. Use this extra subscription for your Android or IOS Tablet, Smart Phone or our WebTV Player and take it anywhere, even on holiday...

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TV Available where ever you are in the Europe

TV Packages available from 4.95€ per month No Contract.