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UK Full Package - €16.99 PM



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Freeview Package

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Includes a Second Connection for Android System Smart Phone Tablet or WebTV Player..   Need a second connection only 5 euro's per month extra

Over 175 premium TV channels, including Freeview Channels, Premier Channles and Movies on demand. 7 Day Catch-up, Video On Demand and Record Live TV channels.




Freeview TV channels, including 7 Day Catch-up,

Also includes FREE access to WebTV Player.

UK, Dutch, German and Portuguese Channels





Freeview + Plus Prime Channels - Holiday Lettings



Android App Connection (Subscription Required)

16.99 Euro's PM


Buy Now   FREE Download (Android Set Top Box - Android Tablet/Smart Phone Only)
7 Days - 15 euro's 14 Days - 20 euro's 21 Days 25 euro's 30 days 29 euro's   Request Instructions for installation (Activation on Payment of Subscription)
    Smart TV APP - Samsung Smart TV - LG Smart TV - Andriod

Over 175 TV channels and UK movies on demand, including sport channels. Including VOD movies.




Full Package Subscription one payment for 12 months subscription 165 euro's



WebTV Player UK Freeview Channels Package




85 TV channels

4.95 Euro's per month





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